Cachagua Fire Protection District

The Cachagua Fire Protection District was formed on October 12, 1993 at the request of community residents who wanted to create an agency that could levy an assessment to support the operation of the existing volunteer fire company, Cachagua Fire.

The District comprises approximately 110 square miles of territory and serves over 1,000 residents. A three-member elected Board of Directors governs the District, and 29 active members volunteer to provide fire suppression and emergency medical services. A benefit assessment is the primary source of funding for the District.

Map of District



Board of Directors

  • Robert Eaton, President, Term: 2013-2017
  • Rod Lambert, Secretary, Term: 2013-2017
  • Don Bonsper, Treasurer, Term: 2015-2019

Fire Chief

  • Gregg I. Curry


  • Jeanne Mileti